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Machell Johnson

Chairside Dental Assistant



Machell has been working in the dental industry for twenty six years. Six and one half of those years have been working for Dr. Ben Peterson. She brings experience and an enjoyment of improving smiles to the office. At the end of the day she takes home a sense of satisfaction that she has helped someone. Whether it be a toothache or a simple little filling.

Machelle Johnson / Ben Peterson, DDs



Judy Heid

Dental Hygienist



Judy has been working in dentistry for 23 years, she has been a staff member with Dr. Ben Peterson for 6 years. Judy brings a commitment to serve to the best of her ability and years of working with people in a dental setting. At the end of the day Judy takes home the appreciation of the friends that she makes and helping others.

Judy / Ben Peterson, DDS




Randi Turner

Dental Assistant



Randi has been working in the dental industry two years all of which have been as a part of the staff at Dr. Ben Peterson's office. Randi brings a welcoming presence to the office and an efficiency to put the patient at ease during any dental procedure. Randi takes home the satisfaction of helping people everyday.

Randi / Ben Peterson, DDS




Caree Ball




Caree has twelve years of experience working in the dental industry. She is new to Dr. Ben Peterson's office. Caree brings years of experience with reception and dental insurance to the practice. Her efficiency and smile are there to greet you when you walk in the door. At the end of the day Caree is hopeful that she has made someone feel better when they have left the office.

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