Our Patients Reviews

Dr Ben and his staff are Amazing! I am one of the biggest cowards when going to dentists and I am here to tell you Dr Ben and his staff are Amazing! They always check in to see how I’m doing when working on my teeth and have great stories they tell while working which keeps my mind busy listening! You will not be disappointed!

Mary C.

Dr. Peterson and his whole staff always make me feel comfortable going to their dentist office, and I’m terrified to go to the dentist!

Kirk M.

I meet with Judy twice a year for my cleaning and she does an incredible job. Her personality, smile and genuine concern for my health is amazing; not just oral health, but my overall health. She asks about things we talked about in the past and shows interest in my responses. When Ben arrives to check my oral health, he is excited to visit about my favorite teams (which happen to be his also). The connection makes for a great visit. His relaxed manner is appreciated when it comes to getting work done. Thank you for making your practice as enjoyable as you have. Sharon Mefford

Sharon B.

Absolutely a great place to come and i instantly felt that I was in perfect hands. Dr Peterson is awesome, personable and a dentist you look forward to seeing

Diana S.

Dr Peterson always does an outstanding job and the staff is always friendly and helpful.

Ericaloop R.

Always a joy to go into the office. From start to finish everyone is so nice. Love Katie!

Jan M.

Excellent dentist and staff. Always knowledgeable, friendly and looking out for their patients best interests. Would recommend to anyone.

Paul B.

It was great, I walked in, filled out some paperwork and then they took me back and glued my retainer back on super quick.

Jessica A.

My hygentist was very nice, personable, and informative.

Susan F.

Always a great experience.

Lindsey J.

Care and service is always excellent.

Theresa C.

Teeth cleaned

Leslie O.

I love this place! Great staff.

Jocele S.

Love his office and staff. Always so kind

Amber P.

Dr. Peterson and his staff are super competent, caring and friendly. I highly recommend this practice.

Judy O.

things were great

Amy M.

I always enjoy my appointments with this office. Judy and Dr. Peterson are wonderful.

Terri S.

The Entire Staff At High Desert Are Amazing!

Sonny S.

Always friendly, courteous and timely.

Darlene M.

I had a tooth that was bothering me. I got in right away and Dr Peterson took care of it in one visit!

Jan M.

Office staff is very welcoming and helpful. Judy is very attentive to my comfort and needs during cleaning. Ben is positive and encouraging. Great atmosphere!

Sherri H.

I am so impressed with Dr. Ben and his amazing staff! The professionalism and caring about you as a patient is very important! Thank you for explaining my treatment plan to me and my next dental procedure!

Barb A.

Great people!

Kris R.

Great dentist and great staff!

Susan W.

Promptly seen and the service is exceptional! Special thanks to Sam and Dr. Peterson for making my daughter’s first trip to the dentist a happy, fun experience!!

Angie M.

Always treat their patients well! Dr Ben and staff are true professionals and demonstrate genuine care for their patients!

Doug I.

Love your team, Judy is always the best!

Gary C.

Everyone at this office always goes out of their way to make me comfortable!

Allison D.

Dr. Peterson and his staff are always considerate of their customers needs and comfort. They are very professional and provide a calming atmosphere that could be a stressful situation for some. I Would Highly recommend Dr. Peterson to anyone seeking a great experience and excellent service.

Stacey C.


Tiger W.

Dr. Petersen and Kate Robertson are incredibly kind and capable with their many years of experience. They sincerely care for their patients and accommodate them to the best of their ability. I appreciate that they are respectful of their client's dignity (no guilt or shame about how you care for your teeth). Rather, they make helpful recommendations that recognize what is reasonable for any person and leave the decision to you. Highly recommend them!

Kami T.

Always pleasant!

Irene B.

As always Dr. Petersen was thorough and helpful!! All staff members are awesome!

Shelly R.

Oh it's a pleasure to go visit doc Peterson's office his staff are great, helpful and kind.. Thank you guys

Chris J.

Judy is the best!

Terri S.

It’s always a great experience with Kathleen and Ben

Audrey M.

Dr Ben and his staff are always the best! They are caring and gentle and even have ways to make you comfortable and smile when you’re nervous about dental work! Dr Ben and his staff are the best!

Mary C.

As always, Judy performed my exam and procedure with thoroughness and care. She embraces holistic history compilation and comprehensive follow up treatment plans.

Nancy H.


Lindsey J.

I have known Dr Peterson since we were kids and he has always been a kind hardworking man. He would bend over backwards to help anyone and will work to make sure your happy with tesults!

Brye G.

Great customer service, very friendly!!

Carlos N.

Able to get me in for an appointment quickly.

Rebecca P.

It was fine. Coming to the dentist is not one of my favorite things to do. You guys make it a little easier.

Kelly L.

Dr. Peterson has always made sure I was doing ok and reassured me that everything was fine. Made every appointment I had there less stressful.

Corey J.

X-rays, exam, cleaning. The friendly efficient caring staff almost make a trip to the dentist fun!

Sherri H.

Awesome professional work as usual !

Kenneth R.

Going to the Dentist is my biggest fear, but this office is the BEST office around. I still get nervous but they always make me feel better and have helped me ALOT. I have sent my husband and daughter and we all Love this place. Would highly recommend this dentist to anyone

Brandi K.

You guys are great and helpful!!

Laura N.

Cleaning went well. Decay around old filling discovered during exam. Scheduled repair for two days later. Taken care of in a timely manner. All staff friendly and efficient like always!

Tammy H.

As always has the best experience going to a dentist, the staff are always caring, treat each patient like family!

Razz B.

Best dental office!!!! I have always needed medication even for a cleaning, well not anymore. Dr. Peterson and his staff has given me my smile back!

Cher A.

Always a great experience!

Amanda E.

Always a great experience. From the front to the back service was incredible. I will not go to anyother dentist.

Courtney R.

Dr Peterson and his Staff are fabulous.

Stephen C.

Was very pleased with the kindness and treatment given me.

Shirley M.

Judy is awesome!!!

Stephanie L.

Dane D.

Great office! From receptionist to technicians to doctors A+. Thank you

Richard W.

Always courteous and nice. Always gives me options for treatment I feel like doctor Peterson always has my best interest at heart

Chris J.

Although very sorry to hear Kate lost her mother, it was good to reconnect with Judy again.

Sonny S.

I’ve always been satisfied with the care I’ve received. Judy and Dr. Ben are the best!!

Lyn K.

Quick pick up of toothpaste


Dr. Ben and his office staff are wonderful! I always enjoy going to the dentist!

Cynatra S.

Technician always careful and very pleasant and knowledgable

Rose Anne D.

I have always had great results from your work, and I like you guys!

John S.

Absolutely awesome! My insurance changed and I was unsure my new insurance was gonna cover my visit. I called the office and told them what was going on and that I did not want to go anywhere else. They jumped through flaming hoops to help me so that I could continue seeing Dr Peterson. Dr Peterson, Brittany and the entire staff are the best anywhere. So very friendly and knowledgeable. This is my permanent Dentist even if I have to pay cash!!! Thanks guys!!!

Dawn A.

Friendly, courteous staff!

Darlene M.

6 month cleaning and checkup

Jann B.

After many years I still have all of my teeth and no toothaches. From my dentist and hygienist that's mainly what I want. And they are also nice people, which is a welcome plus.

Robert S.

Always professional and always friendly. Would recommend to anyone looking for a great dentist.

Paul B.

Dr. Peterson and staff are very caring and professional. Judy is a terrific Dental Hygienist, I haven't had a cavity since Judy, Dr. Peterson and his staff have been my dental care team.

Ann D.

It's always good, Doctor and staff very professional. Always a pleasure on my visits.

Tonia E.


Kathy K.

Friendly and professional

Voni K.

Have been with them for years.

Casimiro P.

Professional and helpful

Warren K.

Wonderful staff and doctor. Really appreciated their willingness to help. Very friendly attitude. They have done a great job for my entire family!

Ben J.

They care....and I feel fortunate to have Dr. "Dental" Ben and crew helping me take care of my teeth.

Steve D.

As always Dr. Ben Peterson gets an A+++++. He is the very best dentist there is!!!

Lelah H.

Great! Judy does an excellent job. She very pleasant to be around.

Mike M.

Best dentist in the treasure valley. Gentle, professional, cares about his patients teeth health. Crown with no pain.

Denise B.

Great. Very professional staff. Everyone is super friendly and caring.

Judy O.

Dr Peterson is the best at what he does. I definitely would recommend him!!!

Farshod Q.

Visit was great.

Theresa C.

He is an amazing detist

Jacobey H.

Excellent like always

Cal B.

I was so scared and Dr Petersen and his staff are so kind and caring. I had a root canal and just as Dr. Petersen promised I had no pain. He is the best! I can’t say enough about him.....

Tracy K.

Very Professional Doctor and Staff.


Every one in the office is very friendly and helpful, makes for a good experience.

Erica R.

In spite of being in the dentist office, this was a good experience! The atmosphere is friendly, service is fast and efficient!

Mary E.